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3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Meditation into your Daily Routine

If you are anything like myself, you have long days and they can be mentally exhausting. Recently, I picked up meditation and have seen so many positive changes that have occurred in my day. One thing I noticed is that meditation can come in many forms. What may work for one individual may be completely different for another; that’s ok! I found myself using multiple forms of meditation throughout the day which I found most helpful. Below are 3 of the easiest ways to incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

Meditate Before Getting out of Bed

An easy way to begin your day in Zen is to practice some breathing intervals before you touch your feet to the floor and head to brush your teeth. First thing, change your alarm clock alert sound to something calming and progressive into something even deep sleepers can hear in the morning. Lay in your bed in comfort and focus on breathing – inhale and exhale deeply. This can be done in as short or long as needed, however, I recommend 5 – 10 mins of silence and concentrating on your breathing. During this time, you can also add positive affirmations you’ve created for yourself. If you are unsure of what is a positive affirmation or how to develop your own, check out my blog post titled “The Power is in the Tongue”. Here I will teach you all you need to know about creating your own personal mantra!

When Someone Does You Wrong

Throughout the day we may experience triggers from friends, family, or even random people we don’t personally know. Instead of letting anger and rage take over, meditating with love and kindness in your heart will change your response to the whole situation. I believe that we as humanity were put on this earth to love on one another. That may also include tough love at times. Before you do react to a situation, find a room or a quiet spot and sit in silence.  Think of positive things that foster love and kindness. If you do not know the individual who triggered you, think of positivity and reasons why you are still here on earth. The most important thing is to always put positive energy into the world around you and in return you may receive some for yourself. This tactic can also help with depression, anxiety, resentment, interpersonal conflicts, or just having a bad day.

Active Meditation

Breath Awareness meditation is something a bit more active. This can be done while walking your office, outside in the park, etc. It is a moment of time that you focus on your breathing and clear your mind of anything that may be a hinderance to your positive energy. This is also helpful to improve concentration, reduce anxiety, and have a greater sense of emotional flexibility.

I truly believe these meditation tactics would be able to positively help to reduce anxiety, stress, and help to achieve an overall better mindset for you to get through the day. I personally have incorporated these actions to my day and have since found I do not react as much to issues, but become more focused on what is the issue and how I can provide positive actions to help resolve it.

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