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7 days in Paradise, From Hollywood To Miami

Miami is known for beautiful sandy beaches, a lovely atmosphere and the perfect Caribbean climate. My seven days in paradise were amazingly wonderful. Traveling from Hollywood to Miami was just the bit of R&R I needed. In fact, the journey was so incredible, I want to walk you through each day. Hopefully you’ll get a sense of how beautiful it really was.

Day 1: Day 1 started off with landing in Fort Lauderdale. I arrived at nearly midnight so there wasn’t much to do other than grab a quick bite to eat and hit the hay. The feeling of arriving in a new unknown destination is always exciting. As I slept that night, my thoughts were filled with dreams and expectations of the days to come.

Day 2: Day 2 in Miami was yet another day filled with ultimate rest and relaxation. The overall atmosphere of Miami is that of the party scene combined with a hint of upscale luxuriousness. Riding around in a Miami Street car from place to place was an experience in itself. The convenience and ease of transportation in these public modes of travel provide quite the opportunity to see the city. That day we settled on eating at the well known Flashback Diner. Open 24 hours means that this diner is a great place to grab a quick bite after a night of drinking. Think the Miami version of Dennys and that’s what the Flashback Diner is.

Day 3: On day three, things really ramped up a bit. We spent the beginning of our day taking a bus tour around Wynwood, South Beach, North beach and Lincoln road. After taking an incredibly detailed bus tour around Miami, we ate at the Tipsy Boar. My personal opinion of this place was five out of five. It’s not often you find a place with a versatile menu that hits everything on the head. Whether you are looking for seafood or All American fair, the Tipsy Boar has it all.

Day 4: We had so much fun on our day 3 bus tour, we decided to take another one. This time, we took a bus trip to Little Havana. This Cuban community is just the perfect place to experience the great diversity of Latin cultures in Miami. While there, we ate at an authentic Mexican street taco place called the Taco Stand. After filling up on some of Miami’s best street tacos, we hopped on a boat cruise around the self-made islands in the area. As we cruised the ocean, we saw some of the most expensive homes built for Alicia Keys, Al Capone, Shakira even Shaquille O’Neal.

Day 5: Day 5 will go down as one of my most favorite days in Miami. On this day, we had to check out a Polynesian dinner show that just put the cherry on top of the Miami Cake. For dinner, we were served a traditional Polynesian plate of honey chicken and jasmine rice. Overall the dinner show gets a 4 out of 5 stars for me based on the ambience and incredible Polynesian dancers and performers.

Day 6: You can’t come to Miami without taking a stop at Key Largo. On our way to the island, we took a Bahamas boat tour around the third largest barrier reef in the country. This was an incredible experience where we got to see all kinds of marine life from sharks, snappers and vibrant corals.

Day 7: On our last day in Miami, we had to take one of those famous segway tours. Riding along the miami coastline with a segway was just pure joy. Needless to say, the experience was amazing. I couldn’t imagine a better finale for my Miami trip. While the tours and gastropubs were an amazing experience. I will always treasure those selfies of me standing in front of the Miami ocean.

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